Television Categories


An informative & persuasive message produced for a defined audience to promote.   Length: 30 or 60 seconds, Buying action. Fictional and non-fictional parodies allowed.


Music Video

A visual presentation of a musical event/song. Video must be original; entrant must have signed permission of artist.   Time limit: 5 minutes   


Includes extensive reporting about a topic in documentary form or in a series of reports (2-5). No maximum entry length.  Judges will be encouraged to watch at least the first 10 consecutive minutes

Promotional Spot

Short announcement to inform and attract audiences for a station’s own programming, to create community awareness of the station or of particular programs, or to create or reinforce the station’s image in the community.       Length: 30 or 60 seconds  


Fictional presentation segment or program, such as soap operas, drama, comedy, parodies and sketches, etc. Student production must be original; script does not. Minimum length: 3 min. 

Public Service Announcement

Announcement for charitable or other worthwhile endeavor presented for a not-for-profit organization or motive.          Length: 30 or 60 seconds          

Feature News Story

A creative news report considered “soft” minutes news that viewers find interesting. Time limit: 5 minutes 


Newscasts produced by students in real-time (to tape) original (first time) production. Post-production is NOT ALLOWED. The newscast is not to be redone with multiple takes or taping. Entire newscast will be judged on content and production value, not set design.                             No time limit

Hard News Story

A news report about issues that have an impact on viewers                                    Time limit: 5 minutes 


This production must be a live-to-tape multi-camera program with exclusions including commercials, bumpers, opens, closes, etc. Limit one entry per school.                  No time limit 

Entertainment Talk Program

A feature-based, non-fiction, informational non-news program (although news might be included), talk shows, and/or programs addressing community/campus issues. NO NEWSCASTS.                       No time limit                                        

Sports Magazine/Talk Program

A featured-based, non-fiction sports information program which may include coaches’ shows or pre/post-game shows.  No time limit

Informational Video

Includes corporate /instructional /industrial/ audio/visual presentations for training, teaching or other corporate usage.            No maximum entry length. judges will be encouraged to watch at least the first 10 consecutive minutes.  

Personality Talent Reel

Includes compilation of multiple on-air performances in a variety of situations & circumstances demonstrating announcing & production personality, creativity & polish. Need not necessarily be news-related.  Maximum length: 5 minutes 

Video Essay

Recognizes the role of videography in original works.  Primary message carried by video and natural sound, no narration or soundbites, music may be added.                Time limit:  5 minutes


Sports Play-by-Play

Includes sports announcing play-by-play and color as a live-event presentation of a sports competition. Entry length: 10 minute telescoped                                

Sports Story

Topical sports package or series. Not a sports segment lifted from a newscast.  Time limit: 5 minutes 

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