OBEA Constitution and Bylaws

Revised by Amendment 9/23/88

Revised by Amendment 3/05/90

Revised by Amendment 1/08/93

Revised by Amendment 5/15/94

Revised by Amendment 4/30/99



1.1 The name of this organization shall be: The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association (OBEA)

1.2 Official use of the organization’s name shall be made only through the authority of the Association.

ARTICLE II: Purposes and Objectives

2.1 The purpose of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association is to promote the recognition, welfare and progress of education in broadcasting and electronic communication in the State of Oklahoma. The objectives are:

A. To work cooperatively toward strengthening broadcast education in the State of Oklahoma.

B. To encourage interest of professional broadcasters and other telecommunication groups and individuals in broadcast education, with particular emphasis upon expanded financial support for programs and students.

C. To establish a channel for the exchange of information and ideas among the various institutions in the State of Oklahoma concerned with electronic communication.

ARTICLE III: Membership

Institutional Membership

3.1 The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association shall consist of two-year and four-year institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma offering programs of study in broadcast, electronic communication, and/or film (hereafter referred to as program). (Amended 5/15/94 to delete “areas” at the end of the sentence.)

3.1.1A Each member institution must have a program which develops radio and/or television skills and courses which are academically transferable to an accredited (North Central Association of Secondary and Post-secondary Schools) senior college or university.

3.1.1B A two-year institution must have a program which culminates in an Associate degree in the field. (Amended 9/23/88 to delete “of Art’s” between the words Associate and degree.)

3.1.1C A four-year institution must have a program which culminates in a Bachelor’s degree in the field.

3.1.2 Each institutional member must offer at least twelve (12) hours in its program. (Amended 5/15/94 to delete “major” and add program.”)

3.1.3 Each institutional member must have the technical capacity (production equipment) for developing skills in broadcast, film and/ or related areas.)

3.1.4 Each institutional member must have at least one (1) academically qualified faculty member with full-time duties in the broadcast program.

3.1.5 Each institutional member will either appoint/elect or by some other means, select a person to be the institutional representative to the Association.

3.1.6 Each institutional member will have one vote to be cast by the institutional representative.

3.1.7 Proxy votes are permitted only when the institutional member issues a written proxy statement declaring the person authorized to vote the proxy.

Individual Membership

3.2 The Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association shall also consist of individual faculty members employed in member institutions.

3.2.1 Each individual member must be a faculty member in a department of an institutional member college or university.

3.2.2 Individual members have no voting rights in the Association.

Associate Membership

3.3 Associate members shall consist of any individual interested in the goals and objectives of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association. Student Membership (Section 3.4 added by Amendment 1/08/93)

3.4 Student membership shall be limited to students currently enrolled at a member institution of OBEA.

3.4.1 Membership in this class will allow students to attend meetings, participate in contests, join local chapters and engage in other such activities as the OBEA may institute.

3.4.2 Student members have no voting rights in the association.

3.4.3 Any individual member who retires in good standing from an institutional member, shall receive honorary membership.  Honorary members do not have to pay dues and have the rights of any associate member.

Corporate Membership

3.5 Corporate membership shall consist of any corporation interested in the goals and objectives of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association.

3.5.1 Each corporate member shall appoint an individual from the corporation to attend meetings and engage in OBEA activities..

3.5.2 Corporate members shall have no voting rights in the Association.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

4.1 The officers of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association shall be President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

4.2 The president shall preside over meeting of the Association, assist in the achievement of the organization’s goals, and may appoint committees to assist him/her in the achievement of these goals. He/she shall serve as the official representative of the organization whenever the need arises.

4.3 The Vice-President shall preside and exercise the powers of the President in his/her absence, and shall succeed the presidency to fill the unexpired term upon the death or resignation of the President.

4.4 The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes of the meeting and all records of the organization. In addition, this position shall be responsible for all financial affairs of the organization, including making deposits and issuing checks or vouchers.

4.5 The President shall serve for one year. The Vice-President shall succeed to the presidency. At each Winter meeting, a new Vice-President shall be elected.

4.6 The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected at the Winter meeting.

4.7 All officers shall assume office at the conclusion of the Winter meeting.

4.8 An officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

5.1 Regular meetings of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association shall be held at least two times each year. The time and place of the Winter meeting shall be designated by the President in conjunction with the meeting of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, if possible. The time and place of the second meeting shall be determined by the Executive Committee and announced to the general membership. If possible, this meeting should be held during the fall and can be held in conjunction with other organizations with mutual interest.

5.2 Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President or the Executive Committee with at least ten days written notice.

5.3 A quorum for transacting regular business shall consist of those institutional members present at a regularly scheduled or called meeting.

ARTICLE VI: Executive Committee

6.1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Past President.

6.2 The Executive Committee shall have the power to conduct the business of the Association between regular meetings. The Executive Committee shall be responsible to the members of the Association and it shall report its actions at the next regular meeting.

ARTICLE VII: Parliamentary Procedures

7.1 In the absence of any provision to the contrary in this Constitution, or in the By-Laws, all business meetings of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association, of the Executive Committee and the Association Committees shall be governed by the parliamentary rules and usages contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.


8.1 Amendment of the Constitution or By-Laws may be initiated by any member of the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association.

8.2 Any proposed change in the Constitution or By-Laws must be circulated by mail to all voting members of the Association at least twenty (20) days prior to the next regularly-scheduled meeting.

8.3 Changes proposed in the Constitution or By-Laws may be adopted, amended, or rejected by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (for a Constitutional change) and two-thirds (for a By-Law change) of the members in attendance at any meeting where the proposed changes have had prior circulation.

ARTICLE IX: Adoption

9.1 Adoption of this Constitution shall be by majority vote of the original institutional representatives appointed during the Winter 1988 meeting of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. That ad hoc committee was charged by the institutions present at that meeting, to form a permanent organization.

9.2 Upon the adoption of this Constitution, the ad hoc committee will have completed its business and is therefore automatically dissolved.

9.3 The Constitution shall take effect immediately upon adoption.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED THIS 16TH DAY OF April 1988 by a Majority of the Ad Hoc Committee charged with forming the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association.

AD HOC COMMITTEE Institutional Representatives

Jack Deskin, Chair, Central State University

James Baum, Rogers State College

Jerry Emmert, Northern Oklahoma College

Roger Hadley, Oklahoma Baptist University

Karlie Harmon, Oklahoma City University

Bruce Hinson, University of Oklahoma

Mark Norman, Cameron University

Bill Rugg, Oklahoma State University

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